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About me

My name is dana sandu and I’m a US-based, Romanian-born olfaction anthropologist.

I research, review, and contextualize perfume, perfumery, and all things fragrant under two nom-de-plumesa nose knows, and nas de nas (in translation from Romanian: “quite a nose”; links below)With a few accidental but controlled exceptions, the vast majority of fragrances I own and review were purchased by me.

In my other (read: non-fragrance-related) life I consult hi-tech companies in Silicon Valley; I write and I produce documentaries; I founded an ONG, and I’m a committed charity worker; I’m a community builder and an awareness champion on social, environmental, and political issues; I’m a huge cook, an eclectic fashionista, a feminist, a traveler, a gifter, a bigmouth (in 6 languages!), and a tireless can-doer.

Here are some of my content channels for fragrance-related pensees.





a nose knows (ENGLISH)

—small following of about 4k, mainly collectors, ultra-niche testers, researchers, and perfumers

Recent video collaboration (All about resins and balsams, with Sebastian Jara from Looking, Feeling, Smelling Great): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTR_4rnzuKY&t=990s
YouTube channelhttps://bit.ly/2E7bhKo

nas de nas (ROMANIAN)

—main reviewer & largest community (currently at about 12k members)

Romanian YouTube channelhttps://bit.ly/2I96WdD
National TV interview samplehttps://bit.ly/2ByhHk1
* NOTE: since October of 2018, Romanian follower base surpassed fragrantica.ro